Very much looking forward to enjoying some festive familial ding dongs and merrily on hi-jinx with Sue MacLaine and guests… We hit the Dome Studio in Brighton 13th and 14th December.

‘Old time vaudevillian and tap dancer Sid Lester helped make Variety great; now he wants one last shot. With the help of his aspirational daughter Valerie, he conjures a Variety evening full of festive fun. As Sid’s old mucker, the avant-garde director Tadeusz Kantor once said, ‘what can be seen on stage is the act of creation, the process of memory, the fate of the artist and a work of art’.

Sid Lester’s Christmas Special expands the concept to take in Christmas carols, brass bands, talking birds, ventriloquism, nifty footwork, paper chains, old school patter and audience participation. With Emma Kilbey and chums.’

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