sid-val1.websiteThis brand new comedy double-act with writer and theatre-maker Sue MacLaine will debut at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013 at Summerhall, ailment August 19th-25th @ 1.30pm.

Old time vaudevillian, drugstore tap dancer and acrobat, Sid Lester helped make variety great and now he wants one last shot. He is resentfully assisted by his daughter Valerie, eager to launch a new career as singer/impressionist and leave her job as a taxicab controller behind. Sid’s performance style is influenced by his old chums Tadeusz Kantor and Tommy Cooper; Valerie’s by Shirley Bassey. Together they attempt to entertain with balloons, a raffle, talking birds, toffees, some singing, jokes, a shuffle step hop, guest spots and interactive games.

Joyce Macmillan’s Scotsman review here.