“Thank goodness for Van Helsing, here played by Emma Kilbey giving a rather nice gender nudge in the right direction – Count against modern feminism tooled up with no-nonsense science and a bottle of holy water. I adored her Van Helsing, here a cross between Dr Who’s River Song and Lara Croft… an excellent foil for the blood sucking monster.” G Scene, Dracula, The Spire, 2018

“As veteran entertainer Sid and his fortysomething daughter take the stage, it’s clear from Valerie’s boundlessly expressive face, in Kilbey’s terrific performance, that everything in the garden is not lovely.” JoyceMacMillan, The Scotsman, for Sid and Valerie, Edinburgh 2013

“A poignant look at loneliness and isolation told with a wry and gentle humour. Kilbey is skilled at portraying the fast flowing emotional range required for this role and really comes into her own as we see increasing levels of depth…****” – ‘Highly Recommended Show’ – Fringe Review for Shift

 “A confident performance that’s often touching, often thought-provoking – and, surprisingly, amusing.****” – Richard Stamp, Fringe Guru review for Shift

“(Kilbey has) an engaging stage presence, versatile in movement and delivery… and a natural ear for witty dialogue” Total Theatre on Shift

 “Enthralling and entertaining” The Latest on Radio City Theatre

“Unsettling and joyful” Total Theatre review for The Department of Unreliable Memoirs

“…most engaging was the brilliant comic performance and excellent range of accents from Emma Kilbey” Hackney Gazette on Mum’s The Word at the Old Red Lion

“…a sterling performance from Emma Kilbey as Ellen” Time Out on Foreign Lands at the Landor Theatre

“Hilarious and touching performances all-round” The Argus review of On the Verge

“Very funny, with some fine deliveries, most notably Emma Kilbey as Diana” Fringe Magazine review for Checking Out at Ovalhouse